Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Here is a poem for world poetry day- I wrote it yesterday after watching some footage one of the last Tasmanian tigers.

Brain; neurons; eyes; glasses lens;
air (microbes, atoms, molecules);
screen protector; screen; video of you;
 84 years; camera film; light; camera lens;
air (microbes, atoms, molecules);
you. Your fur your big head your teeth. The markings on your fur;
I don’t have those, we don’t have those, you had those.
Your snout your eyes your pouch for your young.
Once your were as simple as a raindrop, a spec of sand;
Now you are a fissure of crystal, a double-helix ballet.
You are dead , and alive on my screen,
Removed from you, I do not feel your evident pain.
With you removed, a hole becomes evident, somewhere.

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