Thursday, 4 May 2017

Essay Period Thoughts: Attempts to Keep Sane No.2

The second entry into my essay period journal. 


            When it rains and I get squeaky- sticky, when I’m cold and shivering, when my skin blisters in the sun, when the slightest fall immediately impacts my membrane, I ask: where is my fur? Where’s the slick layer of fur that stops me freezing, getting water-logged, getting sun-struck? Where’s my fur that I can preen with my tongue, my spittle, my own greases, that clothes me naked & free? I’m not sure other’s ask this, as we remove the last vestigial bursts of fur, between eyebrows, on legs, chests, above lips, on cheeks, curling around genitals and anus. What God, or evolutionary trajectory, made the decision to confiscate my coat before I was asked? Perhaps missing fur is why some dress in anthropomorphic animal costumes and ‘yiff. Alas, they will never truly feel their fur brush among the bristles of their sexual partner’s.

The third entry here:

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