Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Essay Period Thoughts: Entries Portal

In an attempt to extract trains of thought that would distract me from attempting to write three coherent essays, I have been writing them down in short entries focussed around one idea or thought. I write them first in pencil, the papers hidden behind my study notes, then later type and slap them up here.
This post is to function as a portal to whichever entry you think sounds the most interesting, to save you trudging through the long and short of my blatherings. Please browse the titles of the paragraphs within each entry and click the title of whichever entry you prefer to follow on to that post.

First Entry:
1. Manifesto to Shit in the Woods
2. Surprise with Being
Second Entry:
3. Where's my Fur?
Third Entry:
4. On Glancing at moving strangers
5. On walking in the woods (where are they?)
Fourth Entry:
6. On being Nice/ Not Being Mean
Fifth Entry:
7. Permeable Borders & Political Microorganisms

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